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Fredric E. Gerr, M.D.
Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health
Email: fred-gerr@uiowa.edu
Phone: (319) 335-4212
EHSRC Role(s): Member, Environmental Lung Disease Research Core

Dr. Gerr is an occupational medicine physician with the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health. He is Director of Worksafe Iowa’s Occupational Medicine Associates Network and has been practicing occupational medicine for nearly 20 years. Dr. Gerr has clinical experience with occupational lung diseases, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and neurological illness related to occupational exposures. His research interests involve musculoskeletal disorders including an ongoing prospective epidemiologic study of hand and arm disorders among computer users and development of new diagnostic tests for carpal tunnel syndrome; occupational neurotoxicity; clinical and epidemiological investigation of heavy metal toxicity, and; clinical occupational medicine.

Selected Publications

Letz R, Gerr F.  Covariates of human peripheral nerve function:  I.  Nerve conduction velocity and amplitude.  Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 16:95-104, 1994.

Gerr F, Letz R.  Covariates of human peripheral nerve function:  II. Vibrotactile and thermal thermal thresholds.  Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 16:105-112, 1994.

Gerr F, Letz R.  Covariates of human peripheral nerve function:  III.  Effects of reported drinking.  Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 16:113-122, 1994.

White RF, Gerr F, Cohen RF, Green R, Lezak M, Lybarger J, Mack J, Silbergeld E, Valciukas J.  Criteria for progressive modification of neurobehavioral batteries.  Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 16:511-524; 1994.

Meggs WJ, Gerr F, Kiereria T, Roberts D, Aly MH, Kim HC, Shih R, Hoffman R.  Treatment of lead poisoning from gunshot wounds with Succimer (DMSA).  Journal of Toxicology - Clinical Toxicology, 32:377-385; 1994.

Gerr F, Frumkin H, Hodgins P.  Hemolytic anemia following Succimer administration in a glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficient patient.  Journal of Toxicology - Clinical Toxicology, 32:569-575; 1994.

Diamond R, White RF, Gerr F, Feldman RG.  A case of developmental exposure to inorganic mercury.  Child Neuropsychology, 1:140-149; 1995.

Stokes L, Letz R, Gerr F, Kolczak M, McNeill FE, Chettle DR, Kaye WE.  Neurotoxicity in young adults 20 years following childhood lead exposure:  the Bunker Hill experience.  Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 55:507-516; 1998.

Letz R, Gerr F, Cragle D, Green RC, Watkins J, Fidler AT.  Residual neurologic deficits 30 years after occupational exposure to elemental mercury.  NeuroToxicology, 21:459-474; 2000.

Gerr F, Letz R, Ryan PB, Green RC.  Neurological effects of environmental exposure to arsenic in dust and soil among humans.  NeuroToxicology, 21:475-488; 2000.

Gerr F, Letz R.  Epidemiological case definitions of peripheral neuropathy:  Experience from two neurotoxicity studies.  NeuroToxicology.  21:761-768; 2000.

Gerr F, Letz R, Green R.  Relationships between quantitative measures and neurologist’s rating from physical examination for tremor and standing steadiness in two epidemiological studies.  NeuroToxicology. 21:753-760; 2000.

Frumkin H, Letz R, Williams PL, Gerr F, Pierce M, Sanders A, et al.  Health effects of long term mercury exposure among chloralkali plant workers.  American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 39:1-18; 2001.

Gerr F, Letz R, Stokes L, Chettle D, McNeill F, Kaye W.  Associations between bone lead concentration and blood pressure in young adults.  American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 42:98-106; 2002.

de la Paz MP, Philen RM, Gerr F, Letz R, Arroyo MJF, Vela L, Izquierdo M, Arribas CM, Borda IA, Ramos A, Mora C, Matesanz G, Roldán MT, and Pareja J. 2003. Neurological Outcomes of Toxic Oil Syndrome Patients Eighteen Years after the Epidemic. Environ Health Perspectives, 111:1326-34; 2003.

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