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Iowa Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation Air Quality Study

In mid-June of 2001, Governor Tom Vilsack requested that faculty experts at the University of Iowa and Iowa State University address the public health and environmental impacts of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), also referred to as Concentrated Feeding Operations or CFOs). In response to this request, Richard Ross, PhD, DVM, Dean of the College of Agriculture at Iowa State University and James Merchant, MD, DrPH, Dean of the College of Public Health at The University of Iowa, were asked by the Department of Natural Resources Director Jeffrey Vonk to provide guidance "regarding the impacts of air quality surrounding CFOs on Iowans and recommended methods for reducing and/or minimizing emissions." He was specifically seeking their advice and recommendations on how the Department of Natural Resources should address this critically important public policy issue.

Following a workshop held in Des Moines in December 2001, groups of national and international scientists who are experts in the areas below generated the following report, which was completed in January, 2002. The final report was submitted to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Acknowledgments 3
Foreward 4
Chapter 1: Executive Summary 5
Chapter 2: Industry Structure and Trends in Iowa 17
Chapter 3: Air Quality Issues 35
Chapter 4: Emissions and Community Exposures from CAFOs 45
Chapter 5: Fate and Transport of Air Pollutants from CAFOs 86
Chapter 6: Adverse Health Effects  
  6.1 Toxicology 101
  6.2 Animal Health Effects 115
  6.3 Human Health Effects 121
Chapter 7: Social and Community Impacts 147
Chapter 8: Exposure Limits Related to Air Quality and Risk Assessment 164
Chapter 9: Relevant Laws, Regulations and Decisions 184
Chapter 10: Emission Control Systems 202
Attachments   213
Glossary   216
Cover Page  
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